True Sync Wireless Earbuds

If you have purchased our True Sync Wireless Earbuds (any of the models displayed above) and are experiencing any issues please read the guides thoroughly and if you experience further issues it will be our pleasure to help you. All units purchased from us include a 1 year no hassle warranty.

How to connect your wireless earbuds to your smartphone

Step 1: Charge the wireless earbuds

Step 2: Remove the wireless earbuds from the charging case.

Step 3: Once you remove the wireless earbuds from the case your device should configure automatically by selecting connect.

Step 4 (optional): Should you want to connect the wireless earbuds manually you can do so by accessing the Bluetooth connection section of your device. You will see the device available as ‘i12’ simply click on this and follow the on screen instructions.

Guide 2: Only one earbud is working. How do I connect the second?

If only one of the two earbuds is working make sure to follow these steps:

Step 1: Place both devices close together (1-2 inches apart).

Step 2: Hold down on the side on the non connected earbud. This should pair them.

If this doesn’t work follow these steps:

Step 1: Charge the earbuds.

Step 2: Make sure both earbuds are powered on.

Step 3: Hold down on the earbud that has is not connected. This will sync the two earbuds.

If both of these solutions don’t work turn off both devices by placing them into the charging case. Disconnect the Bluetooth from your device and restart the set up process.

Guide 3: How to charge the wireless earbuds

Step 1: Place both earbuds into the charging case.

Step 2: Plug the charging cable into a USB power outlet charger.

Step 3: Plug the cable into the charging case.

Guide 4: My headphones won’t charge

If you find the earbuds are not holding a charge follow these steps:

Step 1: Keep the earbuds outside of the charging case.

Step 2: Plug in the charging case with the earbuds. Wait 5 minutes.

Step 3: Remove the cable from the charge case.

Step 4: Place the earbuds into the charging case.

Step 5: Charge the case with the earbuds inside for 60 minutes.

Step 6: Turn on both devices and enjoy!

Guide 5: Audio cutting or skipping

The primary reason for audio cutting or skipping is due to the earbuds being out of range from your smartphone. The recommended range is 5 meters however they will work up to 15 meters.

Still having trouble? Fill out the form or call us and we’ll be glad to help you.